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Peri-Mortem Delivery 4 (Post mortem) End by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Peri-Mortem Delivery 4 (Post mortem) End :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 20 1
Peri-Mortem Delivery 3 (Extraction) by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Peri-Mortem Delivery 3 (Extraction) :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 23 0
Peri-Mortem Delivery 2 (Opening the womb) by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Peri-Mortem Delivery 2 (Opening the womb) :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 36 5
Peri-Mortem Delivery 1 (First response) by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Peri-Mortem Delivery 1 (First response) :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 30 2
Post-Op Monitoring Unit by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Post-Op Monitoring Unit :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 31 5
Parturient 4 (Removal) by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Parturient 4 (Removal) :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 32 5
Parturient 3 (Incision) by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Parturient 3 (Incision) :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 31 5
Parturient 2 (Emergence) by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Parturient 2 (Emergence) :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 42 3
Parturient 1 by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Parturient 1 :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 51 3
Wastage by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Wastage :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 40 13
Casualty by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Casualty :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 14 1
Inescapable by AlcyoneFX1
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Inescapable :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 3 2
Emergency Extraction by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Emergency Extraction :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 19 3
Premature harvest by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Premature harvest :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 50 5
It hasn't even begun by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
It hasn't even begun :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 15 1
Dead in recovery unit by AlcyoneFX1
Mature content
Dead in recovery unit :iconalcyonefx1:AlcyoneFX1 20 3


Girl CPR Game by shadowxyq
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Peri-Mortem Delivery 4 (Post mortem) End
The deceased test subject is examined. It will later be revealed that the specific alien fetus growing inside her released an abnormal variant of the species-typical XRK-92a hormone which normally triggers the birth process in the squidmother. In this case, the human test-subject proved allergic to this rare variant. Among other things, the subsequent anaphylaxis resulted in coronary artery spasms. Because the usual assessment only entails exposure to the known hormone compositions exhibited by typical specimens the allergy went unnoticed. As the allergenic compound is still present in the entire body, most tissues are deemed unsafe for reuse. The cadaver will undergo more thorough dissection to analyse the exact chain of events that led to this fatal outcome.

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Peri-Mortem Delivery 3 (Extraction)
The alien offspring could be salvaged successfully. Due to its resilient physique it was able cope with the temporary oxygen depravation. However, the surgeons have to concede the irreversible cessation of the human incubator's vital functions.

As a contamination with unknown, possibly harmful alien material can't be ruled out as underlying cause for the girl's death, they abstain from performing the usual organ harvesting procedures and start a prelimary post-mortem examination of the fresh body before giving her a proper autopsy.

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Peri-Mortem Delivery 2 (Opening the womb)
Amid increasingly desperate compressions, life is slowly ebbing away from the young surrogate mother and the alien finds itself entrapped in her dying flesh. The surgeon starts to open the womb to rescue the endangered specimen as perfusion levels in and around the uterus start to drop dangerously.

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Peri-Mortem Delivery 1 (First response)
The Mariposan land-squid is a sentient viviparous species indigenous to Ranelka II which was rendered almost extinct by a retrovirus that made them lose their ability to gestate their younglings. Efforts to breed the land-squid in a lab proved largely unsuccessful until researchers discovered that the human pregnancy process provides an ideal environment for the gestation of the squid-"fetus". As every specimen of this rare genus is incredibly valuable, their survival is of utmost importance to this project. Test subjects with a specific genetic factor that makes them especially suitable for this breeding program were selected to serve as incubators.

Test subject I-6171 was assigned to the project two weeks ago. Since then she exhibited a rapid but seemingly harmless gestation which is now nearing completion with a growth of the land-squid to almost 60cm. This morning the subject exhibited cardiovascular complications and was moved to an examination room. On arrival her condition started to deteriorate and she went into cardiac arrest. Medical staff initiates both cpr and emergency c-section protocols to save both lifes.

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Post-Op Monitoring Unit
We get a small peek at the post-operative care in our research institute. Several subjects that underwent surgical procedures were taken into one of the recovery rooms for post-op monitoring. The black-haired girl in the background is getting a cardiac exam. The short-haired blonde in the middle suffered cardiac arrest when her experimental implant caused unforeseen complications.


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